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Our specialty

Here, we specialize in creating 3D printed Beyblades, custom tailored to the customer and designed to fix the delicate balance between beauty and durability.

Prevalent Beytuber Ilinnuc with his Cho-X Nitro Blackout!

The Era of Cho-X

Cho-X is the signature line of incredibly powerful metal Beyblades. Only given to the most worthy of bladers, they can defeat any opponent with their immense power!


Custom disk frames

Custom disk frames galore! They can be practical, decorative, or both. They are perfect for turning your Beyblade into a unique piece of art and a force to reckon with!



Yes! Now drivers can be printed to give your Beyblade a unique movement pattern or ability. Design your own or ask about our signature Alloy driver.

Meet The Beytrainers



Xandork specializes in aesthetically pleasing designs with high structural integrity and unique abilities.



 Nub combines his 3D rendering skills with a deep understanding of materials and production to create parts that are as functional as they are beautiful. 



Panlee uses geometric designs and inspiration from old fashioned beyblades to make modern layers perfect for old fans.



Alex focuses on intricate details and avatar-inspired designs that can turn a beyblade into art.

Beytrainers will be assigned to tasks and commissions based on their specific skills, however you can request a specific designer for your commission if you prefer their style.

Layer Commissions

Follow this link to find the commission request form.

Energy Layers

Custom Disk Frames

Follow this link to find the disk frame commission request form.

Disk Frames

Alloy Driver

Check out this unique driver which can be purchased for as little as $30!

Follow this link to preorder your very own Alloy driver in a color of your choice!

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